2WENTY6IX CO. 个资蒐集前告知

2wenty6ix Co. 为了确保消费者之个人资料、隐私及消费者权益之保 护,於交易过程中将使用注册会员之个人资料,谨依个人资料保护法第8 条规定告知以下事项:
一、蒐集目的及方式本公司之蒐集目的在於进行客户管理、会员管 理及行销与内部的统计调查与分析(法定特定目的项目编号为 037, 066, 022, 060, 097)。 蒐集方式将透过加入会员或订购单填写方式进行个人资料之蒐集。
1. C001 辨识个人者: 如注册会员之姓名、地址、电话、电子邮件等资讯。
2. C011 个人描述: 如注册会员之国籍、出生年月日。
3. C038 职业。
注册会员交付本公司个人资料者,本公司将会依据资料与公司规定寄送活动优惠。 如注册会员 并无如实提供个人资料者,将无法享有这些权利。如要享有本公司提供之特殊优惠注册会员, 可来电洽询本公司客服补充或更正资料。注册会员如不想收到与使用这些特殊优惠也可来电洽询 本公司客服要求停止这项服务。

2WENTY6IX CO. one owned collect inform

2wenty6ix Co. website, in order to ensure the protection of consumers’ personal information, privacy and consumer interests in the transaction process will use the personal information of consumers, I would like to in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 8 provisions to inform the following matters:
1.To collect the purpose and manner The Company’s gathering aims for customer management, membership management and marketing and internal survey and analysis of the (statutory particular purpose item number 037, 066, 022, 060, 097). Gathering methods to collect personal information through the Member or purchase order fill.
2.Collect the types of personal data The company web site to collect personal information including
1. C001: identify an individual, such as the consumer’s name, address, phone, e-mail and other information.
2. C011 Personal Description: such as gender, nationality, date of birth.
3. C038 jobs. 3.The period of use, areas, objects and the way Period: during the operations of the Company. Areas: consumers’ personal information will be used in Taiwan and oversea.
The use of objects and the way: consumers’ personal data collection, will have the following utilization: In addition to the member for the Company management, customer management, retrieval query
* Used to send items: It’s related products to consumers’ personal information used for delivery to the related logistics, mailing vendors for the purpose of the items sent.
* Financial transactions and authorized: financial information, consumers will be the process of financial transactions (such as credit card authorization, transfer) submitted to the financial institutions to complete financial transactions.
* Marketing: The company will use the consumer addresses and e-mail, product promotional marketing of the company or partners.
4.The rights of consumers’ personal information Consumers delivery of the company’s personal information, according to one owned law may exercise the following rights:
First, Inquiries or requests for access.
Second, the request made to the copy of this.
Third, the request to add or correct.
Forth, The request to stop the collection, processing or use.
Fifth, The request to delete.
Consumer delivery of the Company Profile Send promotion will be based on the information and company regulations, VIP cards, activities and special events, such as DM promotions.
Such as the consumer did not truthfully provide personal information, and will not be able to enjoy these rights.
If you want to enjoy the special offers consumers provided by the Company, call contact our Customer Service to supplement or correct the information.
Consumers who do not want to receive these special offers can also contact us to stop the service of the company’s customer service requirements.